First Aid
For Your Soul

A series of books for
psychological self-help

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Further emergency books will be available soon:
“Educational book for children and parents”, “Emergency book for CEOs”, “Dormant care”, “Eating Disorder”, “Climate Protection”


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First Aid books Series

Mission: Emegency

There are all kinds of emergencies; accidents, weather catastrophes, losing a loved one, or resources that are suddenly no longer available. Whatever the case, there is one thing they all have in common: they pull the rug out from under our feet. What we need then, are coping tools that are quick to hand, always with us, and that work no matter where we find ourselves.

Publisher Bernadette Bruckner, herself a known intuitive, holistic health-manager, has rounded up experts from different fields to cooperate in putting together a “first-aid book”. The result is this little book containing a number of self-help methods which can be memorised, “taken away” and immediately applied.

Other planned publications will follow soon.

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More than 20 first aid books


Mission: Amazon

Lately, I find myself more and more often that a thought is packed in a book and extended to 200+ pages … although sometimes I have the impression that you could have written on 50 pages. That’s exactly what you can not blame for this book. It is an extensive collection of concrete tools and procedures for mental self-help. No reading book, but a method book. Short straight to the core. And if you look at it as such it is absolutely worth the price.


If you want to learn about different modalities related to reducing stress and improving self-regulation, this is the book!


I recommend this book to anyone who needs to go fast. Of course, putting things into practice is a different thing and much easier written than done, but first of all the knowledge “how” must be there and that is treated excellently here.

I recommend the book for anyone who is open to help themselves when it matters!


This book is read quickly, but it can be with you for a long time. On the recovery path, there will always be situations in which this reference work can be taken in hand and one of the exercises can be done. From many different body and psychotherapeutic directions here are offered aids that work, are quickly learned and easy to use! So highly recommended!



Mission: Support

Concentrated knowledge MAY be shared! The first aid book series combines the knowledge of many experts per book topic! You will find the right resilience methods for your individual needs!

Everyone is unique and so are the experts and their knowledge!

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  • Holistic intuitive health manager
  • Nutrition and sports trainer. International speaker and Amazon bestselling author
  • Founder of nutritional work ORINITION® – n (fl) ourish soul.mind.body.
  • Developer of her own coaching and therapy form “IMM-intuitive mentoring method®” with “Coaching-to-go” and “4-question-method®”
  • and developer of resilience methods and co-founder of the Mutmachinstitute
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